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"Our mission is to offer high quality dance instruction in a safe, creative and nuturing environment that empowers students and enriches their lives on many levels.”

We are thrilled and honored to win the award for best dance studio in the Detroit Metro Area.  
A special thank you to all who voted for us.  We love what we do and appreciate all your support.  


classes for ages 2 and up

Our 2024 Summer Program and our 2024-2025 season  
registration is underway.  Come join the fun!
What it is like coming into the building...

We offer classes for ages 2 years olds, preschoolers, school age, middle school, high school and adults.   We have ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, pointe, Cecchetti, Metamorphosis and hip hop.  We have an Intensive Team and a Leadership Academy.   


Deb Hawkins August 2, 2023

I’ve been taking dance classes for decades. Although I’ve always loved to dance, I’ve never been an advanced dancer. I’ve always been a strong, intermediate-level dancer. So, when I turned 60 a few years ago and found myself, once again, looking for a new dance studio (this time in the Brighton area), I had to consider the possibility that it might be time to hang up my pointe shoes. I had nearly given up hope when I found your studio.


Anyone who dances knows how hard it is to find a studio that’s a good fit for your needs and personality; it’s even more of a challenge as an adult. I can’t believe my luck!!! Thank you for allowing me to take classes with your high schools students. All the teachers and students have made me feel welcome.


I knew right away by the reception that I got from your students that you, and the other teachers, weren’t just teaching your students how to dance. It’s clear that you’re teaching them how to be good people who will grow into well-rounded, happy, responsible adults.


I’m delighted to have found a new dance home, and am looking forward to my second dance season with Ginny’s Danceworks this fall.

Sharon Koss 8/28/21 

Absolutely LOVE Ginny's Danceworks! My daughter started dancing at age11. The studio made her feel completely welcomed as a beginner. She thrived under their positive and nurturing attitude! Just a wonderful place to dance and be happy 😊

Kathleen Beller August 7, 2021

Love Ginny's Danceworks!! Friendly, caring staff makes for a very positive dance experience 👍

Emily D 9/10/2019

Excellent dance studio where the older girls are kind and helpful to the younger ones. My daughter has taken classes there for three years and she will be returning again this year. The varied types of dance offered make it unique for the area. The littlest kids take combo classes, getting exposure to both ballet and tap. The option to try acro and bop hop are available for little ones who want to expend their energy on styles outside of the traditional dance realm. I will encourage my daughter to continue here as long as she enjoys dancing.


Jennifer Daniel Szymanski · March 29, 2017

My daughter has been taking dance from Ginny's for almost two years now. She also did the princess camp during the summer before she started lessons. She has some delays in speech and movement and the ENTIRE staff at Ginny's has been beyond wonderful with her! They are patient, kind and inclusive, and as a result - her balance and coordination have improved tremendously. Also, having to remember dance steps has improved her memory, having to dance on stage at recital has improved her confidence and of course being with peers is always helpful. Ginny's has been wonderful for her, and they have been wonderful with her. I cannot say enough good things. It's a great studio, all-around. As a sidebar - I also like that their recital costumes are age-appropriate.

Sarah Hofmann . August 26, 2017  

Our daughter has been here at Ginny's Danceworks for their whole dance career and we love them. We love the staff always so friendly and warm and such great teacher and role models!!! The older students are friendly to each other and to the younger kids! So proud to be a part of this studio. Great staff, parents and students. Teaching the kids to not only be a good dancer but a good person!!!

Ashley Haponek, December 20, 2016

WONDERFUL place, my daughter looks forward to going every week and she constantly talks about her teachers! She's learned so much, it's so cute to watch her dance at home!

These testimonials come from students or parents of Ginnysdanceworks.   To add a testimonial to this page, please send it to

Summer Office & Store Hours 

Monday's    4-8:30pm

And during all our camps


July 25   9am-6pm

July 30   9-Noon

Aug 1   9-Noon

Aug 14   9-Noon

Aug 15  9-11am & 6-9pm

Aug 20 Open House & Back to School Sale 3-8pm

Aug 22 Try It Day 4-9pm



Our 2024-25 Season classes start September 9, 2024

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