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Holiday Show

 December  11, 2022
2 PM

2022 Holiday Show "Holiday Vacation"

           Rehearsal #1 -  SATURDAY, November 5 

        Rehearsal #2 -  SATURDAY, November 19  

        Rehearsal #3 -  SATURDAY, December 3  

        Rehearsal #4 -  SUNDAY,   December 4  



You can only miss ONE of the first four rehearsals.  The last rehearsal on December 10 is Mandatory and CAN NOT be missed or you will not be able to perform.   Please do not put me in the difficult position of removing your dancer from the holiday show. 


GROUP REHEARSAL TIMES  at Ginny's Danceworks

Hip Hop Snowmen  11:15-11:45AM

Jazz Lemondrops    12:00-12:30PM

Hip Hop Holly         12:00-12:30PM

Ballet Snowflakes   12:45-1:15PM

Tap Gingerbread     12:45-1:15PM

Jazz Icicles             1:30-2:00PM

Producers               2:00-2:30PM

Check your email for your group assignment.  Questions?  Please call the studio at 810-229-2743

Please dress as you would for class in leotard and tights. Boys can wear their normal dance attire.


For more information please contact the office at 810-229-2743

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