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This has been our policy for over 20 years.

Ginny's Danceworks will close for bad weather DURING THE DAYTIME only when it forces Brighton Area Schools to close for the day.  This only affects OUR daytime classes (daytime hours 9:30-3:00)  Many times the roads improve throughout the day and are fine by mid-afternoon.


Our evening classes beginning at 3:00 will be held unless the weather has not improved. It will also be posted on the website and on our Facebook page by 2:00pm.  If there is school and the weather gets worse throughout the day, then please call before coming or check our website or Facebook page.  


On Saturdays, a decision will be made by 8am and posted on our website and Facebook page if we are going to close due to the weather.


Bad weather is the only time we follow Brighton Area Schools closings.  

EACH DAY OF THE WEEK HAS ONE BUILT IN SNOW DAY.  If we have more than one, then classes will be held on zoom.  

In case of bad weather with Tornados, we are very close to the township siren and will take cover in the bathrooms and the teacher dressing room.   We also have flashlights readily available just in case.

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