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Rules & Guidelines to help make your dance experience with us a positive one.

  • Respect the staff, the facility, and fellow classmates

  • The lobby is for students only.  Parents will drop off at the door and pick up after class at the exit door.  We have learned that the children do so much better when we do this!!

  • Be Prepared.  Make sure you have all your shoes and proper clothing for class.

  • All long hair must be pulled back, up and off your face.  Buns for all level Ballet classes

  • Use the restroom and get a drink, before class begins.

  • Pack your dance bag with an extra change of dance clothes and extra hair ties.

  • No gum in class ever!

  • No drinks or food allowed in the building except for water bottles with a secure top.

  • No cell phones are allowed in the classrooms.

  • Pick up after yourself.  

  • Follow the dress code.  No big baggy clothing and hair up.

  • Absolutely NO STREET SHOES in the dance rooms.  Only teachers and students in the dance rooms.

  • HAVE ENERGY.  The energy in a classroom is created by the people in it.  Having pride in our body, learning to control it and developing it to look our best are just a few of the benefits you get from dancing with energy.  From the moment you enter the room, have energy and keep moving.  Do not sit or lean against the barres or walls in class. Those bad habits cause your muscles to cool down, your blood to stop circulating and you become slugish.  It is also important for you to develop good eating habits before coming to class.  If you snack, make sure it is a healthy one; it will help with your performance and energy level.

  • DON'T BE AFRAID TO LEARN.  Dance must be learned with your body as well as your mind.  You will only progress if you overcome self-consciousness and try new things.  If you're asked to demonstrate, give it a try!  It is either because you are doing something right, or the teacher feels you can be corrected so everyone will understand a concept.  Either way, it helps you to become a better dancer. No teacher will ever ask you to demonstrate to ridicule you or to make you feel awkward.  It is not easy to learn to get up and dance by yourself in front of your class, but it really does help you to progress and learn to have confidence, so trust your teacher and give it a try.

  • CORRECTIONS ARE GOOD.  A correction is not a way for a teacher to prove you wrong, but a way for the teacher to help you be even better.  The proper response to a correction is NOT "I know" or "I was doing it right"; a simple "Thank you" is the best.

  • HAVE FUN  In dance, everyone's a winner.  Learning is fun.  Being good at what you are learning is fun.  Even messing up can be fun.  Remember, you and your teacher have the same winning goal, to make you a great dancer and to enjoy every minute of the process.

If you ever leave your car in our parking lot, please let us know.  Corrigan will tow any cars left without permission. 

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