Shoe and Dance Attire Requirements 

For your convenience our Dancewear Shoppe has all your dancer needs for class. Stop by and see what's new and be sure to visit us during our "Back to Dance" Sale in early August for a discount on your entire purchase.  We make sure you get the proper fit for your dancer's feet.  PARENTS:  Ballet shoes with strings at the toes are not allowed.  Please make sure your shoe has all elastic trim and no strings.   Our ballet shoes are soft and have elastic around the top, so there is no drawstring which is uncomfortable for children.   

Dress Code for ALL Classes

Leotard and tights, any color & style.  NO 2-piece outfits allowed, bellies must be covered.  Dance skirts are welcome, length above the knee.  No jazz pants or shorts in ballet classes, and only allowed in other classes if they are form fitting.  We must be able to see your knees and pants cannot drag on the floor.  Tank tops can only be worn if they are snug fitting and at the discretion of the instructor.  You must be prepared to remove it.  Dance clothing is designed to be worn without undergarments, so we should not be able to see those items.  

HAIR must be pull up into a bun, pony tail or braids for every class. Level Ballet classes require hair in a bun.

Mini's:  should wear leotard, tights and pink ballet shoes.  Shoes with strings at the toes are not allowed.

Tiny Tots, Beg Combo, Kinder Combo & Int Combo

Pink ballet shoes (with out a drawstring) and black "Tyette" style tap shoes.  All tap shoes will need a pair of elastic tap ties (available in our store for $2/pair) instead of the ribbon that comes with the shoes.  This allows the children to slip their shoes on quickly by themselves.  This is so important for the little ones, because it gives them such a feeling of self confidence when they can finally do it all by themselves.  It also eliminates the teacher spending time tying shoes that come undone, allowing more time for teaching the children.  Skirts and tutus that are attached to the leotard work best for the younger kids, rather than the wrap and tie style.

Adv Combo & Sr Combo

Pink split-sole ballet shoes and black Mary Jane style Tap shoes.  NO shorts allowed, only skirts.  Hair in a bun.

Level I - IV Ballet & Adults:  Pink split sole Ballet shoes.  NO shorts allowed, only skirts.  Hair in a bun.

Level I - IV Jazz & Adults:  Caramel Jazz shoes.  Adults and males students will still wear Black.

Level I - IV Tap & Adults:  Black Jazz Taps that tie up.  Please no Slip-on Jazz Tap Shoes, they are not good for your feet!


Acrobatics:   Tan Acrobatic shoe (available at Ginny's Dancewear Shoppe)


Hip Hop:  Black Jazz shoes or all black Dance Sneakers.

Lyrical:  Caramel Jazz shoes


Modern/Contemporary:  Foot Undeez or half shoes.


Musical Theatre:  Black or Caramel Jazz shoes for class, recital shoes will be determined later.

Boys:  Will need black tap shoes, jazz shoes and ballet shoes.  They can wear shorts (no pockets), jazz pants and T-shirts (fitted).   ​

Visit our Dancewear Shoppe for all your dancewear needs.