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Mini’s   2 year olds

This is a 45 minute combo class of ballet, creative movement and acro.   

Ages 18 months to 3 years old (must be 2 years old by Christmas 2022).          

Child must be coming into the classroom by themselves by Thanksgiving in order to participate in the recital. 

3-4 Year Old Combo (Ballet & Tap)

This 45 minute class is an introduction to classical Ballet and Tap. We will work on perfecting motor skills with creative movement. The imagination of each child is truly enhanced in this program.  For 3-4 year olds who are fully potty trained.  Must be 3 years old by September 1, 2022


5-6 Year Old Combo (Ballet & Tap)

This is an hour long class and will work on gross motor skills, ballet, tap and creative movement. They will work on body alignment, coordination, rhythm, creativity, technique and terminology.  

7-8 Year Old Combo (Ballet, Tap & Jazz)

This is a 1 hour long class consisting of Ballet, Tap & Jazz.  We will work on body alignment, coordination, rhythm, creativity, technique and terminology.  This class will be more serious with ballet and use the ballet barre.  They will work on more difficult tap steps and sounds and start to learn jazz too!



5-8 Year Old Acro/Hip Hop Combo

This class will do acro and hip hop in the same class.  Great class to build strength and flexibility.   This is also great to take along with the Ballet/Tap combo classes above.  This is going to be a level I acro class.  So if you have been taking acro and are in a level II or higher than you should still take acro and add a straight hip hop class to it.  


BOYS  Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop Combo 

This class is for boys only.  They will work on Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop skills.  They will sometimes even get the matts out and do some acro!   For ages 5-12. 

Ballet, Tap & Jazz Classes for 9 years and older

    Level  I -      Ages 9 and older

    Level II -      Placement by teachers

    Level III -     Placement by teachers

    Teen/Adult Level -  For dancers that are 12 & older that have had very little dance experience.  

                             Adults are welcome too. 


    We have only 3 levels so students will generally spend 2-4 years in each level.  

Acrobatics for ages 3-18 years old

Skills that involve the rotating and twisting movements of the body which are done in a slow, controlled manner. Usually employs the use of flexibility and counter balance.  All levels require teacher placement after Level I.  

Hip Hop for ages 7-18 years old

A style of dance that incorporates street dance.  It redefines and reinvents many early vernacular jazz dances and movements.  Backed up by popular music. Placement for hip hop is done by grade. 

    Hip Hop I  7-9 year olds  

    Hip Hop II: 10-18 year olds


Pointe  by Audition only

Pointe is for the serious ballet student.  Students must be at least 12 years old and have 2 years or more of previous Ballet training.  Students must be taking Ballet III or higher.  You will need to know and understand the steps and their proper execution.  Auditions will be held at the end of the dance season for the following year.  No student will be put on Pointe until they are physically ready.  

Musical Theatre   Utilizes all forms of dance dependent upon time, place and script needs. It has a strong basis in the social dances of each era and its historical influences. It has also been manipulated and influenced by individuals such as Jack Cole, Agnes DeMille, Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse; each choreographer developing a style of their own. Musical Theatre is not only "danced" but also “acted".  

You must be taking a level I or higher Jazz or Ballet class in conjunction with this class. 

Contemporary  Contemporary means it is a blended study of ballet & modern. It abandons the more rigid, centered aspect of the original form and utilizes unconventional movements of other forms of dance from around the world.    Must also be taking ballet & jazz along with this class. 

Lyrical   A fluid style of jazz dance blending movements from European classical ballet, American modern dance and ethnic dance forms.  The choreographic expression of the performer, with respect to content and projection, interprets the lyrics and/or quality of the music. You must be taking a Level I or higher Ballet class in order to take a Lyrical class.  Placement by teacher for all levels.  

Adult Classes  Any adult wanting to exercise & have fun! 

Offering Jazz, Ballet, Tap & Strech and Strengthen class..

Private Lessons:  These can be scheduled when space and instructors are available.  

$55/30 minutes for registered students and $60/30 minutes for non-registered students.

The above descriptions are all just guidelines and are dependent on ability and teacher placement

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