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Our Staff

Miss Ginny Durow is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School.  She is certified by test to teach all levels of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Modern.  She is a Past President of Dance Masters of Michigan (DMM) and the current treasurer.  She is a member of Dance Masters of America (DMA), Cecchetti Council of America (CCA), Dance Studio Owner (SDO), National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and Dance Teacher Web (DTW).  She has completed Kiddance Teacher’s Training Course, passed Cecchetti Grades I-V Teachers exams and is a certified national examiner for DMA.  She has served on faculty at DMA Teachers Training School and The Dance Teachers Club of Boston’s Dance Education Training Course teaching dance instructors how to teach children.  She has traveled all over the US teaching instructors and students and judging competitions.  She has choreographed productions of Annie, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Fiddler on the Roof, Scrooge, The Music Man, Beauty and The Beast, Seussical, The Wiz, Ruthless, Guys on Ice and Every Christmas Story Ever Told.  She is also a certified examiner for Dance Masters of Michigan certifying teachers in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Acro & Modern.   She is currently going through the youth leadership certification training with the John Maxwell Team.  She is never done learning!


Miss Lisa was born and raised in North Carolina where she began dancing at 10 years old.  Specializing in Acrobatic Dance, Miss Lisa is certified by test to teach all levels of Acrobatics, Ballet, Tap and Jazz thru Dance Masters of America.  She is a graduate of Dance Masters of Americas Teachers Training School.  She is also a member of DMA and DMM.  She is a Nationally Certified Examiner for Dance Masters of Michigan in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern  and Acrobatics.  She examiners other dance teachers to become certified.   She has assisted and taught collectively for over 20+ years, most of them at Ginny's Danceworks  She is always full of energy and keeps us smiling at all times.  She is a gal of many talents.  When asked to list any special achievements Miss Lisa wrote:  

“I’ve made it this far!”

Miss Caitlin has been dancing for 20+ years.  She has attended many Dance Masters of Michigan Conventions.  She is a graduate of Dance Masters of Americas Teachers Training School and has attended the Dance Masters of Americas Student Honors Intensive Program at the University at Buffalo, NY.  She was honored to dance with many title holders from different states.  Her dance horizon is wide, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Hip Hop, Pointe and Modern.  Caitlin is a member of Dance Masters of Michigan and America.  It is awesome to have a student grow and become a teacher here at Ginny’s Danceworks.  Caitlin is one of our certified Acro Instructors and is trained in Progressing Ballet Technique.  She is currently going to school to be a Xray Tech.  


Miss Shelley has been dancing her whole life.  She is a graduate of Dance Masters of Americas Teachers Training School and is certified by Dance Masters of America to teach all levels of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  She is a member of DMA and DMM.  She is also a member of Cecchetti Council of America and has passed her Grade I teachers exam.  She loves to work with the kids.  She has 4 of her own children and one granddaughter.  She is proud to have studied with many wonderful teachers and loves to share her knowledge with our students.  She loves spending time in Florida, especially in the winter!  She is also a certified Zumba & LaBlast instructor.   Miss Shelley can be found teaching all sorts of classes through out the summer here at Ginny’s Danceworks. She also teaches our Dance Fitness program, a combination of Zumba, Lablast and jazz using weights and therabands. 

Miss Diane has studied ballet since the age of 18 and earned her Cecchetti student certificates for Grades I through V, and then went on to achieve the Cecchetti teacher certifications for Grades I through VI.  Miss Diane is currently working on Cecchetti Grade VII, advanced professional level, as a teacher.  She has also accomplished her úniki (graduation) as an ólapa (dancer of the traditions) in traditional hula (Hawaiian Native Dance) from Kumu Mápuana de Silva of Ka’ohao, Hawai’i.  She previously taught ballet at Suzanne’s Main Street Dance Centre in Milford (2003-2008 and 2014-2018) and danced professionally with Polynesian Dance Company Anuenue at the artistic direction of Janeen Bodary (2003-2012).  Outside of dance, Diane has her BSME from LTU, her MSES from Rensselaer, and is a retiree of GM (ret. 2022 with 30+ years service).


Miss Marina started dancing at age 5 in Brazil where she was born.  She  danced ballet, jazz and tap. Tap was always her passion!  She won group awards at Joinville Dance Festival back in 1999. Marina also practices Capoeira - a Brazilian martial art that mixes fight, music, dance and acrobatics. In 2017 she started her path back to dance at Ginny’s Danceworks as a student and now, she is teaching minis, combos and Tap classes. In 2022 she started the Dance Masters Teachers Training School.  She moved to Brighton in 2016, has 3 kids and is excited to be a part of the Ginny's Danceworks staff.


Miss Jordyn started dancing at the age of 4 here at Ginny’s Danceworks. During her first 13 years with us she studied ballet, tap, jazz, acro and pointe. She was one of our first acro assistants. She was a member of the competition team and attended numerous Dance Masters of Michigan workshops. After graduating high school she was a member of the Adrian College Varsity Dance Team for four years. Miss Jordyn holds a Masters degree in youth development from Michigan State University. Upon moving back to the area she joined our adult classes for 3 years. She is excited to be back teaching at the place she calls home. Miss Jordyn welcomed a daughter in 2020 and can’t wait for her to be able to enroll in class.  Miss Jordyn was honored in Oakland County in the Who's Who's under 40!  We are lucky to have her back with us!


Miss Madeleine started her dance career 22 years ago at her 50-year-old family owned dance studio.   She is a graduate of Dance Masters of Americas Teachers Training School.   She also has a competitive and professional figure skating career of 20 years.  She has over 4 years of public relations training and field work with Disney on Ice, throughout Western Europe, South and North American, and the Middle East.   Presently continuing PR education with Oakland Universities' Public Relations Program.  

She has performed as an ensemble cast member for Disney On Ice's "Passport to Adventure" and "Let's Celebrate".  Along with performing as principle skater portraying Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Princess Anna, Tinkerbell, and Nala the Lioness.  

Miss Madeleine was also the choreographer and director of the figure skating musical production in the newest Christmas Film "Spririted" starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.   Performed as the lead pair skater and "Dancer #1" within her hand selected cast of professional skaters  

She has been teaching at her family owned studio "Carol Ann's Dance Studio for the past 5 years.  We are excited to have Madeleine join our team!


Miss Jessica started dancing at the age of 4, joining Ginny’s at age 12. In those years, she studied ballet, jazz, tap and pointe.  Jessica was on our very first competitive team until she graduated.   She is happy to be back doing what she loves and also looking forward to extending her dance knowledge. She has a son who started dancing here this past year along with 2 daughters who keep her extremely busy. Besides dance, she loves to spend time with her family, read, and do crafts. Welcome back to the family Miss Jessica!


Miss Emily has been with Ginny's Danceworks since 1991.   She attended Eastern Michigan University and has been back teaching at the studio since.  She also works as a pharmacy tech for U of M. She currently works with our competitive team.  She is married and has 2 daughter that dance with us and a son on the way.  

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