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2023 Summer Camps

Join us for a 3 day adventure at our themed summer camps.  Each camp will enjoy lots of fun activities centered around the theme for the week.  Lots of themes to choose from.  Can't decide? Come on back for another camp.  
Each camp runs Tuesday - Thursday

Scroll to the bottom see pics from our camps
 For our 3-5 year old campers
Cost:  $165 per camp

Each camp includes dance, crafts, snack and other fun games around the theme of each week.  
Super Mario Camp  June 20-22
Bluey Camp  June 27-29
Encanto Camp  July 11-13
Unicorns, Fairies & Dragons Camp  July 18-20
Disney Camp  August 8-10

 For our 6-9 year old campers
Super Mario Camp  June 20-22
Fashionista Ca
mp  June 27-29
Creation Animation Camp  July 11-13
Pokemon Camp  July 18-20
Under Sea Adventures  August 8-10

Cost $165 per camp
For  campers 9 years & up
Ballet Intensive    June 20-22
Choreography Camp   June 27-29
Walk, Turn, Split and Leap Camp   July 11-13

Cost $165 per camp
Aerial Acro Camp
July 11-13   1:00-2:30pm
Ages 8 & up

Must have mastered your cartwheel
and splits to attend this camp

Super Mario Camp
June 20-22     Ages 10 - 12
9am - noon

Intensive Camp
August 8-10
The Gems Intensive Team only

Summer Classes

Monday evenings

Join us for a 9 week session of dance

Combo Classes:

3-4 year old Combo (Ballet and Tap)                  4:15-5:00pm

5-6 year old Combo (Ballet, Tap and Bop Hop)    5:00-6:00pm

7-8 year old Combo (Ballet, Tap and Bop Hop)    6:00-7:00pm

Acro Classes:

Ages 4-6     4:15-5:00pm

Ages 7-9      7:00-8:00pm

Ages 10 & up   8:00-8:45pm   

For ages 9 & up

Ballet class                        5:00-6:00pm

Jazz class                          6:00-7:00pm

Leaps, Turns and Posture    7:00-8:00pm

Hip Hop class for ages 7-13  8:00-8:45pm

Classes begin Monday June 19th.  The last week on August 21st will be our Outdoor Festival where they will perform for you.


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