COVID Protocols

This will be evolving and updated as we navigate and discover what works best, and what we need to do to keep our dancers, their families and the staff safe! 

We are an educational arts organization. Throughout the school year we follow the actions of the public schools. Things like snow days, or a pandemic response, we have been guided by what the public schools are doing.  Accordingly, if they are trying in person learning, so will we. It is hampered by lack of consistency in each district's two are alike. The guidance from federal and state has been to make your own plans.  Even each county in Michigan is handling things differently.  


In executive order 2020-160 there is a specific call out for "indoor dance areas". It is listed next to venues such as amusement parks, arcades, bingo halls, indoor climbing facilities... indoor dance areas etc. In that context it seems to describe a place where people go dancing like a club and not a pre-professional dance arts education organization that is socially distanced, masked and with extremely limited capacity.  This is why “Dance Studios” have been in limbo as to what is expected of them!  We are not a gym or a dance hall.   


Safety is our highest priority and we believe we have a very safe plan to re-engage students in class with recommended capacity limits . We are teaching in person and monitoring it for safety. We know we may ultimately go to virtual classes and then back to live, but for now we think it is important to try.  We are working with the health department and they approve of the protocols we have set in place.   Be sure to watch the video above on entering and exiting the building so you can see how we are doing this. 


Thank you,

Miss Ginny