COVID Protocols

This will be always evolving and updating as we navigate and discover what works best and what we need to do to keep our dancers, their families and the staff safe!

Our procedure for Camps & Fall Classes as of July 1, 2020:
  • Dancers only inside the building.
  • A parent of dancers 5 years or younger will be allowed in the building with them.  You will have to wear your mask while in the building.  
  • Parents will be allowed to come into the store or office if necessary.  
  • Everyone must wear a mask, however, students will be allowed if they want to take them off once inside their designated personal dance space.  When they leave the room, they will have to put the mask back on. 
  • Everyone will have their temperature taken and recorded along with basic health questions, upon entering the studio and will use hand sanitizer as they enter. 
  • All doors will be propped open 
  • Dancers will have their own craft supplies so nothing is shared (summer camps)
  • We will spend as much time as possible outside. (summer camps)
  • Only one person at a time will be allowed to use the restrooms.  
  • Only bring in your dance shoes & water bottle. All summer campers should be a beach towel, that will be used for your personal space when not in the classroom. 
  • All staff will wear masks at all times.  
  • Sanitizing of common areas will be done every 2 hours as recommended or sooner if used.
  • Disinfecting the building will happen every day at the end of the day.  
  • If we get shut down, we will transition right over to zoom classes until we are able to return to the building.